Thursday, April 22, 2010

Laundry Soap updated!

When I first started making laundry soap I followed an internet recipe. Since that first batch I have changed the formulation to better suit my needs. Here is the original link... SOAP

Since I have a toddler that is learning to eat with a fork/spoon I needed some serious stain removing!! While I liked the other soap, I like the smell and cleaning power of this much better. Also, I just couldn't handle the "homemade soap" not bubbling. Something about the bubbles is what makes me feel like things are getting clean. Since I use only Tide for my cloth diapers (Bum Genius cloth diapers recommend Original Tide for absorbency reasons) and I like the cleaning power of Tide I decided to see what would happen if I "extended" the Tide if you will. I love the results! I can take a small tablespoon of this stuff, a bowl of water and soak my son's soiled clothing (blood, chocolate, dirt, etc) overnight. In the morning there are no stains and no scrubbing!! I throw the entire bowl of water/soap into the washer with my normal load and add a little more soap. So here is my adjusted recipe. Please note I removed the original Fels Naptha from the recipe, as it was a hard soap to grate and I didn't care for the smell. Use 1/8 cup of the soap with a medium load and 1/4 cup with large loads.

This recipe lasts me approx 5-7 months

4 cups Borax
4 cups Washing Soda (not baking),
2 Bars Zote finely grated
Tide 70oz


Rebekah said...

I'm going to have to try that! I miss my tide smell :(

twins said...

Also learned a great secret for static cling...Use rolled up aluminum foil in the dryer. Suprising but it does work...I am allergic to most detergents and fabric softeners. I use a little vinager in the washer for sorftness and to get rid of the 'soap' works great and in the winter the foil helps with the extra static cling.

Lisa said...

Hey thanks for the link for the folding potty seat. I'm probably going to get it and see if it works for Chloe Jo.

Also, I was recently looking for laundry soap recipes so I'm going to take this one! Thanks!